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The Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial Park is located between Kent, Edward and Grafton Streets in downtown Charlottetown. It is across the street from Glendenning Hall (a large yellow and brown building) and down from the Holland College campus.

The park has a playground, basketball court, swing set, fountain, a gazebo, benches, walking trail and various gardens.

It was originally called Grafton Street East, but renamed the Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial Park in 2000.
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Joseph A. Ghiz Many Islanders remember the late Joe Ghiz as a brilliant orator, a man who could stir emotions with his fiery wit and passionate speeches.

As premier of Canada's smallest province (1986 to 1993), he was also a powerful voice for Islanders on the national stage. His friendship with former prime minister Brian Mulroney helped to bring a federal tax office and its 700 jobs to Summerside in the early 1990s after the town's military base was closed. The tax centre now bears his name.

Ghiz was fiercely proud of his Island and of his country. He was heavily involved in the Meech Lake and Charlottetown accord negotiations in the late '80s and early '90s, aimed at making Quebec a willing partner in Canada's constitution. When both accords eventually failed, Ghiz remained optimistic.

In a 1993 speech in Ottawa (soon after he left politics to become dean of law at Dalhousie University), he offered a candid perspective on the accords and concluded that, in time, all of the outstanding constitutional issues must be addressed.

"And when they are addressed, I am hopeful that we are big enough as Canadians to look beyond our own back yards. I am hopeful that we will look at the overall good of the country in order to contribute to the dream of Sir John A. Macdonald and Georges Etienne Cartier in building one of the most generous and compassionate countries on the face of the earth, a country that will be a model to the entire world, a model of tolerance, compassion and understanding. I believe we can do it."

Towards that end, Joe Ghiz certainly did his part.

- Wayne Young, Journalism instructor at Holland College

Premier Robert Ghiz is following in his father's footsteps as Premier of PEI. This is only the second time in PEI history there has been a father and son who have been premiers.